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Rated 4.7 stars

I booked Magical Maids to clean my client’s home that he put on the market. They were fantastic. They were detailed & efficient.

Dana - Palm Springs , CA

I have to say that this is the first time that I was happy with a house cleaning company. This is how cleaning should be done. Thanks April.

Hillard- Los Angeles, CA

I hired Magical Maids to install our Nest thermostat. Their technician was phenomenal. Bradley installed the device and showed us how to use it from our cell. 5 star services.

Trevan- Los Angeles , CA

This was my first cleaning experience with Magical Maids. I am very pleased with their services. Shayna and Tammy were exceptional. They both worked well together. My bathroom needed some extra TLC. and they got it done quickly. I’m looking forward to my next cleaning.

Tedja- Las Vegas , NV

They did a pretty decent job. The floors look great and the cleaners were nice. My only complaint is they don’t provide late night services so I had to book before 6pm.

Melissa - Los Angeles, CA

Great job installing my Nest Thermostat.

Brian- Palm Springs, CA

Thank you so much for sending Carla to clean our home! She was fantastic. She even vacuumed the couch and folded our clothes. Everything was perfect!

Tamika - Honolulu , HI

Fantastic job cleaning my Air BnB rental. The deep cleaning was much needed, especially in the kitchen area. Floors look good too.

Andrea- Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much Brittany. You were great. The master bedroom carpet was cleaned to perfection.

Dustin- Washington, DC

Normani did a great job cleaning my salon. It’s hard to keep up with working and the shop’s chores. I would recommend them if you have a salon.

Evelyn- Los Angeles, CA

I loved the service. The tile cleaning was well worth the money.

Kyle- Queens, NY

We hired Magical Maids to install a ceiling fan. The technician worked a little slow but he did get the job done. I guess that’s what matters.

Gray - Irvine , CA

Excellent services. They were on time an they had cleanings supplies too. I didn’t have to do anything. I booked the basic cleaning and they got a lot done during that time. They cleaned the master bedroom to a T. I have marble floor so I’m always on edge when I order cleaning services because most companies don’t know what chemicals to use, but they did and it looks damn good. I’m going to book them every two weeks. Thank you ladies!

Derica- Irvine, CA

Carla and Gracie are amazing. I’ve never had a cleaning experience even come close to the one I received today. I added the extra pet hair service and organizing. My house hasn’t looked this good since I moved in 8 years ago. Job well done ladies.

Lauren - Honolulu , HI

This is my 6th or 7th cleaning with Magical Maids and they’ve been consistent every time. I trust them in my home when I’m not there. They always work around my pet Yorkie and I love that. When I’ve been home for the cleanings they’ve always started in the areas that were my priorities first . My bathrooms are my messiest areas and they always get everything cleaned. I love them. Best services I’ve had.

Sheilian - Los Angeles, CA

Much better than Handy. They actually show up and do a good job. I schedule deep cleanings once a month. They are always consistent. Hire them instead of Handy.

Antonio - Brooklyn,NY

We hired them to hang up a chandelier in our living room. Very pleased with their work.

Angelo - Bronx, NY

They were awesome. My son wanted to help clean so they gave him a clean microfiber towel so he could feel like he’s being their helper. lol. Our countertops and baseboards were our priories . They got that done and they went beyond. Very pleased.

Liza - New York, NY

Obi set up our August Locks and Nest systems. He was hilarious . Very cool guy . My family loved him. Job well done.

Tristen - Las Vegas, NV

Really good job clean kitchen and tubs in bathroom. Looks new.

Zhong- New York, NY

I hired Magical Maids to paint my baby’s room. It looks better than expected. I’m very pleased. The color pops. I’m glad that I went with Liam’s suggestion :)

Tiana - Los Angeles, CA

Maria cleaned up my apartment while I was at work putting in some overtime. To come home to a clean house is priceless. I’m booking again soon. Thanks Maria.

Maurice - Queens, NY

Great job cleaning the bedrooms!

Brittany - Washington , DC

Magical Maids always cleans my rental property once a guest leaves. My guests always rate me with a perfect score on Air BNB . They always compliment me on how clean the house is. Thank you guys for always doing a through job.

Tashani - Los Angeles, CA

Omg! Thanks for getting all of the hair off our couches and beds. I can’t believe how much hair was in the vacuum. We will try to use the rubber glove and water trick to reduce the cat fur. You guys rock. Seriously, thank you .

Kali - Waikiki ,HI

Top notch services! I’ll definitely book them again for my next rental property cleaning .

Zach - Los Angeles , CA

This is the best money that I’ve spent in a long time. I’m always swamped with work so I rarely have the time to clean. Megan and Olga cleaned my home from top to bottom. I purchased the deeper clean first. They cleaned the inside of my appliances! I don’t know when was the last time I did that. My apartment is spotless. I highly recommend them.

Sasha - New York , NY

Magical Maids did an excellent job. My bathroom needed major attention and it looks brand new. I will recommend them to my friends.

Kim - Honolulu , HI

Cynthia was the best house cleaner that I’ve ever had. I treated myself to a carpet cleaning with my bi - weekly service and she did her thing! Carpet looks brand new.

Danielle- Los Angeles

Miracle Maids went above and beyond for the move in/out service that I booked. I thought I would need to buy a new fridge. My tenants left it gross. They scrubbed all of the buildup out of it. I’m impressed . I tipped my cleaner $50. She deserved it!

Hallie- New York, NY

Awesome job! The detail of cleaning this service provides is amazing. My cleaner Trent was awesome with moving quickly but definitely payed attention to detail.

Daniel- Palm Springs , CA

I purchased the hardwood floors upgrade. It took the floors a little while to dry, but they look better than they did before. My floors were swept and mopped to my expectations.

Harvey -Alexandria ,VA

I booked for the standard cleaning package from Magical Maids. Maegan was our cleaner for the day. She went through all 3 bedrooms cleaning and neatly remade our bed and folded our sheets perfectly. I loved the service. The only thing that I didn’t like is that you have to pay extra for hanging up clothes. It should be free.

Brenda- Honolulu, HI

This is our first time using their services. There were tough stains on our stove. I was surprised that they were able to get out the gook that was on the wall. I’ve tried a few times and couldn’t get it done. I think it may be the supplies that they use. Either way I’m not complaining . lol. The cleaner did a phenomenal job cleaning through our microwave, stove and fridge.

Mattie- New York,NY

Thank you for your great services Magical Maids. My wife enjoyed her Mother’s Day gift.

Robbie- Palm Springs, CA

I ordered the standard cleaning. They were early and didn’t seem too happy about having to wait on me. I was only about 15 minutes late and they said they would have to leave if I didn’t get home. I didn’t like being rushed. The cleaning went ok.

Talia - New York, NY

Very professional, friendly, and polished.

Anthony - New York, NY

The service was fantastic from start to finish. I had a lot of questions and they were very patient with me. Two cleaning ladies arrived on time and they worked the entire time of the appointment. They walked through my home with me and told me what tasks would be included in my move in cleaning and they went straight to work after that. I am really impressed. They stayed for 3 hours for my 3 bedroom. From the grout to the kitchen they worked their butts off. I’m looking forward to my next cleaning. Finding good cleaning help is hard. I’m glad that my co-worker referred them to me. I highly recommend Magical Maids.

Naveena - Palm Springs , CA

We ordered a standard cleaning with deep cleaning add on’s for my Mom’s house. We’ve needed this done for some time. Maria and Keosha did a fantastic job cleaning her bathroom, kitchen, and organizing her closet. Very appreciative of the help. Thank you guys.

Matthew- Washington , DC

My bathrooms were filthy and I needed major love on cleaning them. I booked my cleaning package and Magical Maids provided me with my cleaner named Matt. He had my bathrooms look brand new. Thank you Matt and Magical Maids.

Juten - Palm Springs, CA

Magical Maids serviced our home and made it fell like a home again. I clean here and there but I don’t have time to deep clean. They cleaned the baseboards, inside of the fridge, and all of the places that I don’t have time to clean. They were prompt and professional. No complaints. They did a great job.

Trent - New York, NY

I hate cleaning!!! lol. I don’t have the time. Thank you Magical Maids for a job well done. My home is clean and I can now relax.

Tabitha- Honolulu, HI

Our cleaner Morgan did a great job sweeping, vacuuming floors and dusting our blinds. She was nice and efficient. I hope you’ll send her on my next visit. Thank you

Mattie - Palm Springs, CA

I ordered a deep cleaning for my client so we can take pictures for his home and list it online . They arrived 10 minutes early. Both ladies were great. From the hardwood floor to the lines in the carpet you can tell that they were very detailed. I have a few projects coming up and I will most definitely call them. They were awesome.

Rena- Las Vegas , NV

They cleaned my house in less than 2 hours. Good job. They were nice. I’d use them again.

Morrison - Brooklyn, NY

Shelia was the best cleaner we’ve ever had! We hope to get her for our deep cleaning.

Dede- New York , NY

Great job! We love Ms.Maria. She’s always on time and brings the supplies.

Martina- Queens, NY

I am very satisfied with how efficient my cleaner Maegan was. She went above and beyond to make my home spotless.

Preston- Washington, DC

I love using Magical Maids as my cleaning provider. They are great on communication and ensuring that my specific needs are met. They texted me when they were on their way and they asked me to check their work before they left to make sure I was happy. Very professional team. I highly recommend them.

Leymah- Palm Springs, CA

Thank you Tonya for cleaning my house. I hope you receive full recognition for the job you did. I am very satisfied. Magical Maids has amazing employee!

Hannah - Washington,DC

My counter tops was wiped down real good but there was a spot missed on the cabinet. Other than that everything was cleaned well. I’d still rate them 4 out of 5 stars. Tonya did a great job.

Jasmine - New York, NY

I would like to recommend Magical Maids. Every time they get the job done with the standard cleaning that I book.

Bryttany - Waikiki, HI

The cleaner from Magical Maids did an excellent job. I believe her name was Brenda. I will like to book her again please.

Raj- Washington, DC

I don’t know where to start! I booked a move in cleaning and they left my house spotless and fresh. The previous tenants left my home a mess. You could still smell their dogs. It was horrible! The windows and bathtubs looks so much better. Thank you for the extra effort you put into removing the dog hair from the baseboard. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. Thank You Magical Maids for your services.

Nicole - Washington, DC

I was skeptical at first because I have never used them before. My other cleaning company that I hired didn’t even show up. Magical Maids did an excellent job with following up with me on what time my cleaner would arrive and what they would be working on with the package I brought. Thank you!

Helen - Washington, DC

I’ve been working with Magical Maids for the last 3 months to clean my clinic. They are efficient and they are deeply invested in their clients. The staff loves them and I do too. They keep the toilet paper stocked, the common areas cleaned, and all of or electronics dusted which I appreciate. If you’re looking for office cleaning, I suggest them. Ask for Carla & Gracy. They are our professional cleaners and they don’t cut corners. You will be happy with their work. I recommend those ladies. Thanks guys. Great job!

Allen- Honolulu, HI
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